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Earn $25,000 To $100,000 A Year Working At Home!

Get U.S. Corporation and Companies to MAIL CHECKS DIRECTLY TO YOUR HOME. Set your own schedule, work at home when you please, and best of all no boss watching over you.

YES! today you can earn great income by working from your own home. We are dedicated to researching, publishing and compiling THE HOME EMPLOYMENT DIRECTORY, a directory of the very best U.S. Companies offering legitimate home based income and business opportunity to individuals nationwide. There is such a variety of opportunities in this directory that you will be able to find any type of work that suits your ability, needs, and desires!

THE HOME EMPLOYMENT DIRECTORY gives you a complete description of each home based income and business opportunity and tells you how to contact the company offering it.

The Home Employment Directory is a comprehensive up-to-date publication containing information on companies that are offering home-based employment and extra income opportunities in the U.S.

Most importantly all the opportunities can be conducted from your home on a full or part-time basis. Income opportunities are often above average. Instructions given by different employers are easy to understand and master.

THE HOME EMPLOYMENT DIRECTORY is of high quality and it is inexpensively priced to meet our customers satisfaction.


Dozens of national companies are discovering that it's more economical for them to hire people, like you, rather than high cost of employing a large work force. Working at home is becoming increasingly popular! This year 1.2 million employee will spend more than 35 hours per week working at home in some form of formal arrangement with their firm. That's more than 30% increase from just one year ago! This is a new and growing trend with U.S. Corporation and Companies and will definitely boom in the millennium. We take pride in specializing and finding these companies and compiling them in our Home Employment Directory.

We have checked out these companies to the best of our ability and we're sure that you'll find the type of work that suits your ability and desires. You can continue to buy the "fly-by-night", "get-rich-quick" schemes that promise of millions of dollar overnight (but don't work), or you can take advantage of a "down-to-earth", sincere home employment opportunity, where you can earn honest day's wage for a honest day's work!

The goal of NATIONAL HOME EMPLOYMENT ASSOCIATION is to provide you with the most up to date and current true opportunities for home work. We have weeded out the frauds and only publish true genuine opportunities. There is no special training, and skills required. These companies instructions are easy to follow and understand.


You can be part of the growing family of independent minded men and women across the country who have decided to take faith into their own hands and wish to be their own boss. The financial rewards can run from just a few hundreds of dollars a week on a part-time basis to thousands of dollars per month on a full-time basis. It all depends on how hard a person is willing to work to pursue his or her goals. YOU ARE ONLY LIMITED BY YOUR OWN DESIRES AND MOTIVATION!


There are numerous companies offering a variety of work. These works appeal to both men and women. Here is a partial list of works offered:

  • Accounting

  • Assembly Crafts, Toys, Jewelry

  • Background Checks

  • Bookkeeping

  • Business And Financial Services

  • Computer Work

  • Data Entry

  • Fund Raising

  • Furniture Assembly

  • Grocery Shopping

  • Health And Beauty

  • Home Services

  • Home Typing

  • Illustrating Greeting & Post Cards

  • Mailing

  • Mail Order Sales

  • Market Research Survey

  • Painting

  • Photography

  • Product Selling

  • Public Opinion Polls

  • Sewing And Needlework

  • Telephone Work

  • Word Processing


Your place of residence is unimportant! As long as the U.S. Postal Service or United Parcel Service can make deliveries to your address, you can enjoy the benefits of working at home. Whatever your situation is ..... whether you're a housewife or househusband, student, work part-time or full-time, are a senior citizen, have a handicap, or just don't like the hassle of a regular 9-5 job ..... there are companies that will hire you to work in your home!

When you receive your directory you will find the names and addresses and description of many jobs available. Simply go through it and choose the one or more that appeal to you. Contact the companies listed and they will provide you with the needed information of how to get started, full or part-time, earning money from home. YOU CAN BEGIN RECEIVING PAYCHECK IN AS LITTLE AS TEN DAYS. Remember you do not need any special training, or skill to do these jobs. Get Started Today And Start Receiving Weekly Paychecks!


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Let us make your income even bigger! If you respond now we will send you a A FREE BONUS (A $49.95 VALUE): DATA ENTRY WORK AT HOME new people are needed for easy independent work consisting of simple tasks like filing out online forms. You can work in your spare time at your own pace. You can do this between class, while watching TV, listening to music.

This is perfect if you are a college student, a parent, tired of commuting, live in a rural area, retired, want a change or have a job and Just Wanted More Money.

  • No Resume.

  • No Interview.

  • No Degree Required.

  • No Drug Test.

  • No Lie Detector Test.

  • No Background Check.

Who is This Job is Available To?

Anyone who has a computer, keyboard, mouse, and Internet connection.

Anyone who has ambition, can follow directions, and doesn't quit.

Anyone who can type simple text with NO time limits or deadlines.

Anyone who wants to earn $300 - $500 per week working from home.

Anyone looking to quit punching a time clock, and dealing with a boss.



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Get Paid Up To $50 An Hour Reading Emails On Your Computer! Advertisers are willing to Pay You to receive and read their Emails. You're going to receive Emails anyway...So why not Cash In Big Time? Turn on your computer...Receive your Email...Read it...And Rake In The Cash. It really is that easy! This Program Normally Sold Separately For $49.95. Today FREE!



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Get Paid $10 To $40 Per Hour Just To Pass Out Free Samples! Flexible hours! Freedom To Set Your Own Schedule! This Program Normally Sold Separately For $49.95. Today FREE!



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Get Paid $1500+ per month to Drive Your Car or Get A Free Car! How is this possible? By Advertising! If you agree to put advertising decals on your vehicle ( they are completely removable) you can earn $1500+ per month! Some companies even give you a car to drive FREE for up to four years. This Program Normally Sold Separately For $49.95. Today FREE!



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Get Paid $10 to $150 per Survey. $25 to $250 Per Focus Group. You simply give them your opinion on their products or services by filling out online surveys. Why will they pay you? Because your input help these companies understand what general consumers think about their products and services. This Program Normally Sold Separately For $49.95. Today FREE!



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Classified ads have made us a fortune. You can do the same. There is no guesswork here. This program has proven itself for 10 years. Mail order is the easiest growing, most profitable business in America and we'll teach you how to follow in our footsteps and earn 1000s of dollars month after month. Here's Is What You Will Receive: 1. Simplified Training Manual, 2. Powerful Response Pulling Ads, 3. Step By Step Marketing Plan. This Program Normally Sold Separately For $49.95. Today FREE!


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"Hi, my name is Matt Jacobs, with your help I have found three different work-at-home jobs. I am earning about $950 a week! This has really changed my life, next check should be coming in a few days. Thanks again!" - Matt Jacobs, California

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