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 Enjoy the Freedom and Money That Running Your Own Gift Basket Business Can Bring.

Now You Can...
Start a Gift Basket Business from Your Home!

Are you a creative type? Do you have a flair for presentation? Are you looking for a business that combines your design talents with a relatively low-cost startup? Then perhaps the gift basket business is exactly what you're looking for.

Gift baskets are not a new idea, however they have remained popular over the years and the demand shows no sign of letting up. In fact, who has not had the opportunity to give or receive a gift basket at some point in their lives? One of the biggest advantages to giving someone a gift basket is the fact that you can choose from dozens of themes and products to suit your needs. It really is the ideal gift for just about anyone, and any situation. In short, it has mass appeal.

For an entrepreneur, the gift basket business can be exciting, inspiring, and very lucrative. It has just about anything you'd want from a small business, including high demand, variety of products, and a very decent profit margin.

 Get Your Share of the Billion Dollar Gift Basket Industry!

Gift basket business continues to grow steadily, with millions of people, corporations, hospitals and professionals requesting unique, theme based gifts perfect for their clients, friends and families. This translates into millions of gifts and billions of dollars being generated every year.


One of the biggest pluses when it comes to gift baskets is the variety of themes available. This gives the gift basket industry mass appeal - your customer base can be huge and very diverse. Here's some of the most popular gift basket themes and what you might expect to see in each basket:

  • Baby - teeshirts, rattles, stuffed animals, bottles, pacifier, gourmet baby food, photo album, diaper gift bag, bib, feeding set, candles, lotions/powder, washcloth, cotton swabs, baby oil, baby shampoo, soap, blanket, diapers, toy blocks.
  • Housewarming - coffee/tea/hot chocolate, stationary, restaurant guide, wine, chocolate, mugs/glasses, cookies/cakes/biscuits, cheese, gourmet foods, books, candles.
  • Wedding - candles, soaps, potpourri, champagne glasses, candle holders, wine/champagne, monogrammed hand towel, slippers, massage oils.
  • Bath and Beauty - soaps, loofha terry puff, loofha round sponge, bath oil, bubble bath, bath beads, foot massager, neck pillow, body brush/sponge, hand towel, soap dish, powder, tub toy, bath salts, manicure set, hand cream, shampoo, conditioner, body wash.
  • General Food Basket - coffee/tea/hot chocolate, chocolate, crackers, cheese, processed meats, gourmet jams/jelly, chips/pretzels, fruit, gourmet sauces, pickles/olives, pasta, gourmet nuts, popcorn, candy, cake/brownies.

And the list goes on... as you can see, the variety of gift baskets you can create is really only limited by your imagination and creativity.

Our "Get Paid To Create Gift Basket" business guide covers topic of vital importance to anyone who wants to learn how to start a gift basket business and sell gift baskets.

Our "Get Paid To Create Gift Basket" Business Guide Teaches You:

  • An overview of gift basket style.
  • Gift basket themes and occasions.
  • Inventory - like Basket or container filler/stuffing, balloons, cellophane wraps, bows and ribbons, and much more.
  • Gift basket assembly.
  • Pricing your basket.
  • Pricing Large Volume Orders.
  • How to make your home business legal.
  • Branding your business and creating and business identity.
  • Advertising and promotion.
  • Customer service tips.     

Plus many other money making, success building instructions.

10 Reasons why you should start a home-based gift basket business and purchase our "Get Paid To Create Gift Basket" Business Guide.

1. Everybody is a customer! 

2. Tons of repeat and referral business.

3. Low start up cost. 

4. A home-based business means lower overhead, thus creating more profits!

5. No franchise fees to worry about. So you keep all your profits!

6. Gift baskets are a fun business.  If you�re going to be in business, enjoy it!

7.  Work in the comfort of your own home.

8. Businesses and individuals love sending gift baskets.  It's a time saver, it's always appreciated, and it sends the desired sentiment.

9. You are not alone!  Our "Get Paid To Create Gift Basket" Business Guide will help you Step-By Step. 

10. Most importantly, our "Get Paid To Create Gift Basket" Business Guide can help make your dreams a reality!








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"Get Paid To Create Gift Basket will take you Step-By-Step through everything you'll need to start a Gift Basket Business From Home. By following the advice and using the valuable resources in the How To Start A Gift Basket Business Guide, you will be on your way to success in the gift basket Business".
Wilma, Denver, CO

"Let me congratulate you on the absolute best guide for ease-of-use and best supported sources. The guide provide actual samples you can use as templates, including: sample of what to say when talking to a prospective client".
Jenny, Wellsville, NY

 "I just finished reading Get Paid To Create Gift Basket Business Guide, and I was amazed how much information was included in this guide. The possibilities are endless. Now I feel I have enough knowledge and valuable information to start my own business"      Jenny, Wellsville, NY







































































































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