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4 Relaxation Strategies that Can Improve Work-At-Home Productivity





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4 Relaxation Strategies that Can Improve Work-At-Home Productivity

Follow this guide to insure you are balanced in your work and personal well being.
A woman relaxing to music.


Whether you are a work-from-home veteran or just starting out, you can benefit from learning how to improve productivity. When you tell a stranger that you work from home, they typically picture you not doing much work at all and relaxing; free of the chaos that is common to everyday office settings. Yet, nothing could be further from the truth. Maybe they haven't tried balancing bouncy babies and conference calls, but working from home can leave you in dire need of refreshing. These 4 relaxation strategies can help you get back on track!

1. Stretch

Now you may be thinking "Stretch myself? Really? I already do plenty of that!" Surely you do stretch yourself mentally, which can lead to physical exhaustion, but stretching and breathing techniques can help you regain your focus and feel great. Take time out during your work day, and use the technique that works best for you. Get up from that swivel chair and stretch yourself with a favorite yoga position, sit cross legged and meditate, or blast your favorite feel good tune and move around. It may sound silly, but you won't think so once you give it a try.

2. Plan for Productivity

You can never know for sure how your day will pan out, especially when you've got kids with their own agendas. What you can do is plan what you need to accomplish and focus on those things. Don't over-schedule and don't set unrealistic goals. Create a list of work related goals for each day and cross them off as they are met. You'll feel much more relaxed when you have an action plan and you know what steps to take to keep it moving to completion. Even if your days are fairly repetitious, you will improve productivity when you plan them out.

3. Reach Out

Depending on the work you do, you are constantly in touch with people--helping a client, holding a conference call for the benefit of the company--but how often do you reach out for help? Call a friend during your lunch break and tell her how your day is going. Vent about a prospect that fell through, brag about the number of prospects you signed on, and listen for that pat on the back. Talking out your frustrations is an instant relief, so why wait to talk about them over dinner? If you get hot under the collar during your work day and attempt to move on, chances are you'll be less productive. Taking a break and talking to a friend before getting back to work will help you relax and improve productivity.

4. Reward Yourself

What better way is there to relax and motivate yourself all at once? Reward yourself! Yes, your pay check is a reward, but it's likely you are only rewarded by it once a week or on a monthly basis. Find little ways to reward yourself each day. Pick something small that you can do daily, like a bubble bath or your favorite chocolate or tea. You decide when you need it most. After all, you're the boss!

Stress is a common factor whether working in or outside of the home. You can put these strategies to use in your work life and see just how much more productive you are when you're relaxed.