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10 Reasons I'm Thankful to be a Work-At-Home Mom





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10 Reasons I'm Thankful to be a Work-At-Home Mom

From finding joy in grocery shopping to teaching her son new things every day, this Work-At-Home Mom shares 10 reasons why she's grateful to work at home that you may find on your list, too.
By Hillary Grigonis 
A mother and her son sit in the living room.

I must confess, I have times when I haven't left the house all week, I've had PB&J for lunch four days in a row, my son reminds me why I nicknamed him Trouble and a client refuses to pay me for work I've already done. On those days, I wistfully look through the full-time, away-from-home job listings.

I really am thankful to be a Work-At-Home Mom -- I just may need a little reminding sometimes. Here's the things I try to keep in mind on my bad days:

  1. I get to watch my son grow up. I worked outside the home for a few months after Trouble was born, and I felt like I was missing out.
  2. I have the ability to put my family before my job. Before I became a Work-At-Home Mom, I'd have to cover late night meetings and I would have to either leave work early, or miss tucking my son into bed. Now, I can work around his schedule so I'm there when I need to be. I don't feel like I have to choose between work and family.
  3. I've learned to enjoy the little things. Yesterday, my son had a blast with a $2 ball and a laundry basket. He loves the vacuum and can entertain himself for hours with kitchen utensils. My son reminds me of what I have.
  4. I've become a better business person. You can't simultaneously work to meet a deadline while doing laundry and soothing a sick baby without picking up a few new skills, like multitasking and stress management, for starters. I would not have a successful business today without the ability to multitask.
  5. I now enjoy grocery shopping. I used to hate going grocery shopping. But when heading to the office every day just means heading upstairs, leaving the house to run errands is wondrous.
  6. I get to teach my son new things throughout the day. It's strange how proud I feel after something as simple as teaching my one-year-old what a monkey says.
  7. I face challenges every day—and I love it. I was on the verge of going crazy during my maternity leave, when everything I did that day only had to be repeated the next day. I enjoy the mental challenge of working. It's my “me time.”
  8. My days are never boring. Seriously, I'm usually trying to work while Trouble is doing things that could certainly win America's Funniest Home Videos if I just had a camera handy...
  9. My job isn't just a job -- it's a career. I love that I can both work from home and do something I love—and went to college for.
  10. I get to follow my dreams. I remember doing a career presentation in middle school about being a freelance writer (yes, I was a nerd even back then). While my goals have changed as I grew up, I've always wanted to write.

I may just have to hang this list next to my desk for the next time I need a reminder.

What about you? Why do you love working from home?


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